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Ease of use and high quality recording — one of the main advantages of an audio interface over on-board sound cards is that, because of the greater physical size and easier accessibility, a wider range of input types can be built into the unit. In addition to this, audio interfaces generally feature higher quality audio quality than standard on-board sound cards. Many also have MIDI if you want to connect a keyboard controller too. How do I connect an audio interface to my computer? Most audio interfaces are USB soundcards. As long as you have an available USB port or a USB adapter in the case of a tablet then you can connect one up you will need to check the hardware specs to make sure it will be compatible. So USB audio interfaces are the most common and you should find one that will suit you. There are also a growing number of thunderbolt audio interfaces, and you can still buy firewire too. Thunderbolt and firewire have the advantage of being faster, but tend to be pricier. And of course you must have one of those ports available.

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I’ll add three more, that are releatively inexpensive – with features to match their pricing, etc. First, the humble volume knob: Instead I use it to adjust the signal strength gain coming in from my PC’s sound card, into my mixer. The reason I put it there is because the gain knob on my mixer is not immediately to hand when I’m at my PC, so I’m able to regulate the incoming gain with this thing.

This volume control sits right next to one of my monitor speakers and allows me to regulate the signal right from my PC so I don’t have to keep reaching for the gain knob on the mixer, etc.

Help with KRK monitors. refueler1 replied to refueler1’s topic in a burn-in perioid if one is required. My pc specs are; Core i7 on a gigabyte x58 board with realtec sound. My headphones I hook up in the front ports sound really good as well. I do not expect audiophile quality from a one dollar dac but looking for somewhere

Single Ladies Music Production Report! Single Ladies Vocal Production Report! Single Ladies Drum Production Report! Single Ladies Hook Production Report! Single Ladies Synth Report! Wen on December 19th, 8: Why does his mix blend so well with his vox percussions?

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That said, s0c9 is that some kind of mainframe cobol reference? Our setup is dual racks Everyone is wireless L6 in, or DI, except for mics which are wired. Rack 1 has splitter capabilities.

Jan 05,  · I want to plug my KRK RP8 G2 monitors (self-powered) and KRK 10S sub into my PC. I have a Fiio E10 DAC that I love to use with my headphones, but can this also be used with the KRKs? My impression is yes, but I have a line out (mm) and headphone output to choose on the DAC.

It sounded great for vinyl playback and he even had twin cassette decks for A to B or B to A dubbing as well as taping from the radio or LPs. I made many a mix tape on that system. The Sansui AU with matching tuner. Vintage Japanese hi-fi is very cool. I also bought a nice VPI turntable, which is the only piece of that system I still own. Once my wife and I started our family, a dedicated listening room became a fantasy and a liability.

And I needed the money for the little mouths! I have my opinions about a lot of different brands. While I was mainly enamored with the beautiful microphones, the tantalizing mic preamps, the retro tube outboard gear, and especially the Yamaha Nuage system drool! We listened for a bit and were both immediately impressed by the sound. Both the and the larger sounded really good, with a slight edge going to the in terms of the tightness and definition of the mid-range.

Even on the noisy AES floor, the speakers made a lasting impression. I put them in the back of my mind for a potential future purchase. That may very well be my next purchase.

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June 7, But there’s no way to just go from my turntable to the speakers. I’ve tried to think of a better way to do it, but I’m pretty sure I need something between the turntable and the krks. If the table doesn’t have a built in phono preamp, then yes, you need the phono between them. But if you’re only using the receiver for it’s phono stage, check if the receiver has “pre-out” connectors on the back, if it does, it’s definitely a better option than having them hooked up to the headphones output.

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With the revolutionary JBL Image Control Waveguide and refined transducers, JBL P MkII offers stunning detail, precise imaging, a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range that enhances the critical listening capabilities of any modern workspace. Since their release, word has spread on the quality and value found in the original JBL 3 Series, resulting in wide adoption from hobbyists to high-end professionals working in music, film, post, and broadcast production worldwide.

With such an obvious hit, you might ask, “Why update now? When the opportunity presented itself, we decided to make those final improvements to the transducers, add a frequently-requested feature, and apply the latest manufacturing learnings. The result – a new edition of this popular studio monitor that retains the best qualities of the original, but now looks better, sounds better, and provides transparent sound in even more production environments. Originally developed for JBL’s flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor, this patented innovation ensures an acoustically seamless transition between the low- and high-frequency transducers and provides an immersive soundstage with precise imaging.


Not Impressed I bought this pedal board on Friday. Read complete review I bought this pedal board on Friday. This went into a Crate Palomino class A tube amp. I unhooked the pedals from the board power supply and used batteries. They won’t see me in their store for a long time as they don’t seem to appreciate my business.

Engendering Change in the Studio Monitor World. About a year ago, I purchased a pair of KRK Rokit 6 G3 Studio Monitors for my home studio. At the time I had been doing engineer and producer work for about a year and I was using some stereo system speakers.

There is no shame or handicap in this, let me be clear. In fact this is how I started out my recording career and it served me well! Most near-field monitors are measured by the largest speaker cone size and come in a few different flavors. What you need to figure out is which size of course. Despite the obvious suggestion by some to get the biggest speaker you can afford for the purposes of better bass response, I say forget all that. Choose a speaker size that better matches the size of your control room.

In fact, I mix on 5 inches in my own studio.

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One great thing about them is you can connect many video monitors and hard drives to the system, ensuring a maximum of eye candy consider 3, 4 or 8! MOTU interfaces and Apple computers have a great history of compatibility. Logic, of course, is Apple’s own and it works well. Wait till you hear the FM8, Akoustik Piano, Absynth, Reaktor and other heavy soft synths on a system that can slice through them easily. Logic pro is my preferred way to go here, though you could run Digital Performer or run Pro Tools LE if you get an digi system.

If you need 8 preamps, go with the MOTU 8 pre.

 · Hi everyone I want to plug my KRK RP8 G2 monitors (self-powered) and KRK 10S sub into my PC. I have a Fiio E10 DAC that I love to use with my

Need help selecting Sound Card to capably support Live Posted: Mon Apr 09, 7: Mon Apr 02, 5: My name is Jim and I’ve been and on and off musician for the better part of 30 years. However, things just never quite clicked for me so I have not done nearly as much as I would have liked on it. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I’m currently in the trial period and am attempting to immerse myself and learn as much as I can before ultimately deciding to purchase.

I picked up Ask Video’s training tutorials and got through the first level 1 last night, but something that I saw in the 2nd tutorial now has me concerned that I will probably need to purchase a higher-end audio card in order to maximize my use of Live. This is what I base my concern on: My Input Latency says 0 ms but Output and Overall are at

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Everything good we said about the A7X applies with these monitors as well. These and the Adam speakers are truly in a class of their own. While the bass response on them is remarkably good, we might be more inclined to recommend a woofer for sub-bass needs with the Neumanns the KH subwoofer will serve you well if you can stomach the price.

The only input available is XLR.

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Belgium Ham Sandwich said: Are you going to be using them nearfield? The setup and use will make a difference. For example rear ported monitors will have some issues and challenges if used on a desk with a wall right behind them. Nearfiled is also fussy about speaker height. Position the speakers too low and you’ll be listening to the tweeter.

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